Shackled & Tormented

Today in the modern age when human is at the apex of their intelligence, sense and wisdom there are some of their kind lost in the mist of apathy towards the ones who can not speak our language. To torment the one who cannot express their feeling and are weak is sin. It is really shameful to behold these kinds of act prevailing still where we would yell if somebody would have snatched what we own, our freedom.

So it’s a big question.

How can we take away something from the one who is uncommunicative what we can not let go from us?

Human being is the slave of his needs, the needs encompasses hunger, slumber, desire, love, lust, etc. Perhaps, the slavery brought about by these needs throws the human to avenge the gore by captivating the weak.

Today I saw a man who had enslaved some monkeys and was  using them to earn his living. It was really pitiful to see them performing under the awe of their master.

I photographed some emotions and subtle expressions of the innocent beings which, indeed, unveils the deep agony and musing of their conscience.

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