Rice Ceremony Of Aradhya

The day, eventually, came which I was longing for. Yes, I was all ready to grab the moment when I could capture the slightest and even subtle pure emotions of Aradhya, the little baby. Hardly had I woke up when I started getting ready and packing my gears. I made some calls, coordinated with my team members and then the moment came when I was on way towards my next assignment – capturing the little girl.

In some time I was at the venue with my team. We relaxed and focused on the various ambient subjects. To make me even happier and excited I met Mr. HAPPY, the pug. The very talented as it seemed. To justify it there were few awards he won in various competitions.

Some images of Mr. Happy …

After capturing some beautiful images of Mr. Happy we got into our real work of capturing the “Rice Ceremony” very little Aradhya.

The assignment was full of fun, challenges and was really a great experience. At the end of the day I was very glad as I could achieve some great moments wherein Aradhya seemed truly cute and playful. She exhibited various emotions and her smile, indeed, brought about profoundness in the ambiance and in our being. Thereafter, but happiness prevailed.

I have presented below some of my favorite photos which I took on that day. I hope you all will love it. Please suggest, comment and correct wherever it’s necessary, I will appreciate your kind gesture.


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