Who is a free man?

We worship, we respect, we fear and we have faith. By doing so we keep our hearts in harmony with mind and we somehow tame a notion of being peaceful or noiseless.

We adore and idealize the thoughts we house in our mind. God, is a way of seeing inside us, not towards a way that is endless and complicated. Sometimes, it takes long time finding ourselves. We form our thought, we worship what we perceived but never sought after what we actually require.

A man creates because he has a requirement; tangible or intangible. Belief and faith makes us someone who is called religious for religious is not one who has mastered the holy books, he is but one who really found the purpose of his presence on this earth. Religion is becoming not what we are forced to, it is a way of appeasing our being with an effort that spreads harmony and love in the society.

Had the human not been the slave of his whims then he would have served his kind first. Charity begins from home, one who cannot love his fellow being, cannot be giving to his people or not capable of comprehending the pain  and musing of his kind is not worth being declared a free man.

We always think, plan and discuss the efforts to achieve love, respect and peace, but how many of us really put that thought in real world of action?


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  1. The Smiling Pilgrim says:

    That first photo was very powerful to look at.


    1. Anand says:

      Thanks a lot. Let me know what you felt about what I wrote. 🙂


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