Kumartuli, Kolkata

“To enlighten us, to make us encouraged and fill us with valor against all odds Maa Durga is coming”, this slogan echoes in every lane and corner of Kolkata at the advent of Durga Puja.

Kumartuli, a place where several potters who are but skillful artisans create the idol of Maa Durga with complete devotion and dedication glorify and gratify the people not only of West Bengal but also of various states of India.

We owe to their labor and contribution they exhibit working day in day out.

I am presenting some photos which I took in Kumartuli in the year 2015.

The Creator’s Gift


Creator Awed By Creation

The almighty created us, we endorse his offerings and generosity with submission and devotion. God, in different form, bears different names in different hearts but the presence is subtly felt by all; he who understand the presence channelizes his will into destiny …


God Needs No Eye To Behold Us

Human being is the living being on this earth who is bestowed with an excellent mind. Mind, what we have differentiate us from animals, we are but animal who are called social. I would like to coin a question, how we define being social?

We uttered a word “Social” and we gave it an explanation which sometime, somehow at some point of instance is confusing. Being social is quite ambiguous when we dare to apprehend it keeping in view every thought that is prevalent.


Our Vision, Our Creation


Some More Photos


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