Expression, A Way To Communicate

Place: Babu Ghat, Kolkata

Portraits are just not good pictures, they possess a divine power.
Expression is a way by which human states what he feels and sometimes what he thinks. Human expression is one of the most wonderful entity that has always amazed the world.

Strolling at Ganga Sagar Transit Camp, Babu Ghat I happened to see a “Baba” who was in a state of profound trance, he had his own communication with the elements. I went near him therafter and just captured his expression. No sooner did I capture this frame, I was totally encouraged to get some more frames as his expressions were serene and carried a great sense of self reliability.


Indifference And Trance

Like wise I was able to capture some more Sages with great expressions. I hope you will like my work.

Being indifferent is an act of acquiring shield to pain that other suffer and happiness that other realize. The state of being in trance is not achieved by force, it emerges from within.

We the people who often get identified with the noise in our mind suffer from being restless. Our endeavour give way to cravings and lust.

Stoicism should be for good, it should only be used to protect the vulnerability of the mind. Being indifferent
is sensible when it doesn’t clutter one’s heart and mind with cowardice and inabilities. Expression do speak the stoicism, faces show them and action prove them


Epitome Of Bliss

Happiness is the state of mind, it is in the being. It can’t be earned or robbed.
happiness emerges from within.

We, the human being are the slaves of ourselves. Whatever we do is for our own good, no one is selfless.

If somebody donates, he expects. If somebody feeds, he expects not to die hungry.

We are the slaves of our necessities, necessities drive us; we are but puppets of our vicious wills.

At the transit camp situated at Babughat, Kolkata, I beheld a “Baba”, least clad. Despite of his ignorance, isolation and comfort he had his own world of happiness. he but knew just one thing and that was
being blissful. This was probably, in my opinion, because he had no greed and expectations. He sacrificed and despised the earthly cravings.

His state was an attainment, acceptance and being free- not enslaved.


I would like to state my observation for the image below

Death is a different name of transformation, in this process the energy takes a another form. The asserted law of nature is conservation, so no energy escapes from being transformed.

Human being passes different stages in his life – a transformation. Each phase is but result of what it was before.

Transformation and progress is the inevitable fact, it encompasses one’s life span.

Ageing is a process in which a human mind develops and then it degrades untill it’s lifeless.

Knowledge is by experience, and wisdom comes from correct application of knowledge.

The serenity, peace and sense of stability on the face of the sage provoked me to
enslave his image of expression digitally which in turn in my mind and heart.


Please drop your comments/suggestions so that I can refine my work.

Disclaimer: All of the above photos and description are taken from my own account in Facebook. You can view all the above images in my Facebook Album, Ganga Sagar Transit Camp, 2016

I can also be reached out in 500px Gallery, Portraits


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  1. Elouise Lord says:

    I really love your capture of happiness and bliss in these expressions. Well done!


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