Prasiddha , The Little Angel

Children are pure, they are lovable, they just ask for love and care. The heart of a child is purest. They are bestowed with the blessings of the almighty and perhaps they represent the god itself.

One of my recent clients’ daughter, Prasiddha is none less than a little angel. Her smile could win anybody’s heart. I was fortunate enough to cover her “Rice Ceremony” on 12th June, 2016.

It was indeed a superb morning when I reached the venue with my team. I was so pleased and so happy as I was going to shoot a small cute little lady with god’s grace.

I did it with whatever skill and patience I have. It was one of my favourite sessions I had in near past.

Some days later father’s day followed and I posted an image of Prasiddha with her father in Facebook.  My respected client acknowledged the image as a gift to Prasiddha’s father. It was a great compliment for me and it infused me with satisfaction and fathomless joy.

Below is the image which I am talking about.


I with my team went on photographing all sweet moments I beheld through my camera.

Please see the photos below. 🙂

For Complete Gallery, Visit The Album Prasiddha  in My Gallery In Flickr…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Elouise Lord says:

    You really capture the innocence and sweetness of the little one beautifully.


  2. Siba says:

    Wonderful post and the clicks are class apart.

    Keep moving ❤️


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