Naughty Vivan

Kids – they are the naughtiest, most active and too impatient. When it comes to capture their snappy activities we the photographers  are tested upon our patience and skill. While photographing them the utmost requirement is to be all ready any time. You need not only be a  photographer but also their guardian, a friend or someone whom they put their trust upon. This is not tough, this is not something to get desperate about. It’s all about passion that drives you, perhaps, it is the love you possess for your work. Most importantly, it’s about the result you want. Imaginations go wild, you need to tame them and then steer through the final image you have aimed to render.
No one is perfect, and I am not an exception. I too need opinions, suggestions and criticism. This helps not only me but to everybody  who tries to touch the periphery of perfection.

How this was taken?

One fine morning I just woke up and decided to ask my neighbor whether he can be out with me with his small little cute kid for a photo shoot. He was, naturally, quite sleepy. Perhaps I broke his deep slumber. Whatever, his mood was that time, my desire gave me way and I convinced him. He was, thereafter, happy as he could make for a morning stroll which he thanked me for after the shoot.

We got a cab and went to a near by botanic garden. The kid as he beheld the greenery and open space, he lost his calm and was all joyous and overwhelmed. He started running, giggling and screening whatsoever naughtiness he had learnt so long.  “WOW, I needed this”, I said.   I Unpacked my Camera, lenses and other accessories and started my little journey of capturing my small friend’s activities.

I took some shots which I have presented.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Elouise Lord says:

    He looks so happy and excited to be free to run. Good shots.


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