Refreshingly Rejuvenating

One fine morning when I was getting ready for an assignment, when hardly had I packed my camera, lenses and other accessories, an idea struck my mind. Thereafter I contemplated over the time management I had to put in action so as to materialize my idea in a most efficient way.

Expression, A Way To Communicate

Expression is a way by which human states what he feels and sometimes what he thinks. Human expression is one of the most wonderful entity that has always amazed the world.

Prasiddha , The Little Angel

Children are pure, they are lovable, they just ask for love and care. The heart of a child is purest. They are bestowed with the blessings of the almighty and perhaps they represent the god itself.

Naughty Vivan

Kids – they are the naughtiest, most active and too impatient. When it comes to capture their snappy activities we the photographers are tested upon our patience and skill.