Shackled & Tormented

Today in the modern age when human is at the apex of their intelligence, sense and wisdom there are some of their kind lost in the mist of apathy towards the ones who can not speak our language. To torment the one who cannot express their feeling and are weak is sin. It is really…

Frozen Moments

Inspiration or motivation, i know not what must I say. After getting immensely moved by the photographs that really freezes moment, I just gave a try. Once I had the photos processed I was just amazed and really felt satisfied and delighted. The moment that the eyes can hardly behold, my camera with the help…

Rice Ceremony Of Aradhya

The day, eventually, came which I was longing for Yes I was all ready to grab the moment when I could capture the slightest and even subtle pure emotions of Aradhya, the little baby.

Who is a free man?

We worship, we respect, we fear and we have faith. By doing so we keep our hearts in harmony with mind and we somehow tame a notion of being peaceful or noiseless.

Kumartuli, Kolkata

Kumartuli, a place where several potters who are but skillful artisans create the idol of Maa Durga with complete devotion and dedication glorify and gratify the people not only of West Bengal but also of various states of India.

Refreshingly Rejuvenating

One fine morning when I was getting ready for an assignment, when hardly had I packed my camera, lenses and other accessories, an idea struck my mind. Thereafter I contemplated over the time management I had to put in action so as to materialize my idea in a most efficient way.

Expression, A Way To Communicate

Expression is a way by which human states what he feels and sometimes what he thinks. Human expression is one of the most wonderful entity that has always amazed the world.

Prasiddha , The Little Angel

Children are pure, they are lovable, they just ask for love and care. The heart of a child is purest. They are bestowed with the blessings of the almighty and perhaps they represent the god itself.

Naughty Vivan

Kids – they are the naughtiest, most active and too impatient. When it comes to capture their snappy activities we the photographers are tested upon our patience and skill.